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Adare Information Technology
151 Lincoln Hts. Road,
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Tel: 613-596-1312

Providing Service, Confidence and Commitment to your door for over 18 years!
Preventative Maintenance


An Ounce of Prevention.....

Before your system does this ->                  

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The sad truth of the matter is, most of you won't be visiting here until after you've had one of those close calls, near misses or all out catastrophes. Hard drive failure, cpu fan seized, broken gears in a printer that have brought you plenty of misery. Now you want to avoid it happening again, great! That's what we're here for.

Or hopefully you're one of the lucky ones who have come before the troubles, good for you.
The computer's fine right? The printer is A- OK. Business as usual eh?

Maybe not..........

So when was the last time you guessed that your car didn't need an oil change? Or didn't bother looking at the gas gauge cause you knew there was plenty? Yes, cars are not computers but also cars can tell us things that many computers and printers can not. We get gauges and lights in cars to tell us what's up. So we can monitor it. In a computer or printer we are not so lucky. No warning, just failure and error messages. We can't see what's going on inside. Until it's done.

So does this mean you're destined to wait with crossed fingers each and every day? Of course not. This is where preventative maintenance comes in, consider it hardware dentistry. You're supposed to go for semi-annual or at least annual check ups right? Well guess what, you're computers and printers need that same sort of attention.

Open wide, and look what's inside. That's exactly what our dedicated professional staff will do, they'll check your hardware out for warning signs of future problems and catch them before they occur. To top it off they'll give it a good thorough internal cleaning to ensure continued reliability.

What's best about this is that if you are covered by one of our Maintenance Contracts this will be done automatically for you either once or twice a year, depending on which contract you've purchased.

Of course PM's are available to everyone not just our Contract customers, but we do encourage you to look at the benefits of having your computers, networks and printers covered by one of our time and money saving contracts.

Any questions? Need more info? Or to set up an appointment please call: (613) 596-1312 or 

We'll be there for you, to help, whether you wait until something goes wrong or decide today to prevent it!
Our goal is prevention, our specialty is repairs.

                                               More info on our Service Contracts

Updated October 28, 2011